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INOA stands for “Innovation No Ammonia” and is a breakthrough ammonia-free odorless haircolor from L’Oreal Professionnel. INOA hair color delivers exceptional permanent haircolor results...

Global Keratin with Juvexin

Our Salon is proud to offer Global Keratin with Juvexin to our clients. As expert Global Keratin with Juvexin specialists, we strive to deliver...

Brands We Use

Looking for a beauty salon? First, pay attention to the quality of hair cosmetics, which are used by hairdressers. Products of professional brands will help not only with gentle washing and conditioning but also with the creation of the desired hairstyle, restoring shine and repairing the damage.
Selections of our salon feature solutions for every type of hair, that helps to satisfy the desires of each client.


Professional hair cosmetics are products of numerous researches and laboratory tests. Hundreds of scientists are working on the development of the formula.
Professional products always go one step ahead of the mass market products.
The washing basis of professional shampoos is much softer than the basis of a mass market.
Lines of professional cosmetics include more products, that allow you to solve problems of natural and colour treated hair.

Our collection

Known since 1980. The creator of the brand – stylist Arnie Miller. Philosophy of Matrix is not only about the perfect result during styling, but also about hair care. The lines of the brand are dealing with dryness, fragility, dullness. Helps to smooth hair, add shine and volume. Also, Matrix collections have products for styling: hairsprays, oils and gels for perfect hairdos.
The “Schwarzkopf Professional” is one of the leading series delivered to the hairdressing salons. History of the Schwarzkopf company started over 100 years ago when the German pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf started selling perfumes of his own making, and then he tried to do liquid shampoo, hair spray, dyeing and long-lasting waving. Now, this brand helps beauty salons and individual stylists to reach the highest level of skill.
There are 3 components of the success of the brand Schwarzkopf – technology, innovation and quality. The company cares about customers and produces a lot of good products for hair care and styling.
The most famous series of Schwarzkopf Professional:
  • Osis;
  • Blondme;
  • Silhouette;
  • Essensity;
  • Bonacure;
  • 3D man.
  • Loreal
The whole range of products manufacturers divided into series depending on the type of hair:
  • oily hair;
  • dry;
  • damaged;
  • curly;
  • dyed.
Loreal professional hair shampoos will help to give volume to the hair and make them stronger. With the help of cosmetic products of this company, all can be done, for example, curls or straighten hairs, elegant hairstyle or a visually wet hair. Now it is possible to protect the hair from UV rays. Girls, who have sensitive, dry and damaged hair, do not need to forget about hot styling or dyeing.
For a long time, the company Kleral System have been spending countless resources on research. New developments have been carefully tested. Time to time Kleral System improved production structure and cosmetics formulas. Brands philosophy has always been a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of hair and scalp. Special attention was paid to natural ingredients, their nutritional and regenerative properties, that protect hair from harmful factors.
Italian brand is sure, that the real hairdressers are not only creative persons, they are also healers. After all, only they know all the specificity of working with professional cosmetics and can offer the best to the client, taking care of the beauty and health of his hair.
One of the leaders of hair treatment products, which offers a truly revolutionary technique. Professional range of medical cosmetics for hair and scalp is made on the basis of natural ingredients and is aimed at restoring and stimulating hair growth and treating seborrhea.  The high concentration of active substances and their synergistic effect help with problems such as androgenetic alopecia, diffuse alopecia, postpartum alopecia, symptomatic alopecia, dandruff, seborrhea, dry, brittle, thin hair, hair damaged by dyeing.
The Italian company Shot produces professional cosmetics for hair care. Shot products include a unique complex of fruit acids MFA, which smooths the hair cuticle and relieves skin irritation. Cosmetics Shot is presented in various series.
  • Care & Glamour.
  • Care & Trico.
  • Chic Therapy.
  • Love Hair.
  • We Can.
  • Work Activity.
  • Prodige Repair.
  • Care & Key.
  • Repara Salon.
  • Sos & Protection.
These are not all brands represented in our salon. Our hairdressers will pick up for your personal care.