About Re Day Hair Spa and our Staff

Re Day Hair Spa is not just another hair salon. We specialize in all aspects of hair, from cutting to coloring, from relaxing to straightening, from highlighting to low lighting and yes all aspects of hair extensions! Our salon offers their commissioned based stylists as well as their chair renters advanced training outside of the salon but also benefit from a series of continuing education classes held in the salon. These classes include hands-on training in design and color presented by Top Experts in the field, as well as team building, communication and interpersonal relationships!

All memebers of Re Day Hair Spa work as team players and love what we do!

Louise Endrizzi – Owner

Started at Re Day Hair Spa: July 2001
Louise began her career in 1997 . She specializes in all aspects of hair designing, from color to highlighting to creating the perfect hairstyle to meet your needs. She also specializes in Top Secret hairpieces and clip in extensions as well as Hair Fushion.

Louise ‘s Regular Hours
Monday … Not available
Tuesday … 12pm – 8pm
Wednesday … 12pm – 8pm
Thursday … 9am – 2pm
Friday … 9am – 5pm
Saturday … 9am – 4pm
Sunday … Not available

Monica Davis – Stylist

Monica began her Career at our Salon in 2001. Her specialty is highlighting Hair! Read more at her personal blog about hairstyling and hair straightening tools.

Monica is a professional stylist and hairdresser. Monica started her career in our Salon in 2001. Monica’s clients are always satisfied with their haircuts.
Monica can easily assess the condition and hair problems, during the first meeting and consultation caring. Also, such an expert as she knows how not just to understand a client and talk to him, but also tries to understand her visitor and find a really suitable image and style for him. The success of Monica largely depends on the developed motor skills of the hands. Many visitors to hairdressing and beauty salons compare masters, focusing on ease of hand and other impressions of haircuts/styling. Therefore, Monica won the recognition of its customers and gained popularity in the Hair Spa Salon.

Backlighting and dyeing of hair is Monica’s specialty. A softener or hair colour is used to colour the strands of hair. There are four main types of highlighting: foil, lighting, hair colour and frosting. Highlights can be made natural or unnatural colours. Color highlights come in three categories: temporary, semi-permanent and constant.

It is unlikely that anyone will want to apply for services in the field of beauty to a person who looks untidy and unattractive. Monica always looks well-groomed and fashionable, so people immediately turn to her. Particularly noteworthy is the arrangement of Monica’s workplace.

You can win trust your client if you always keep up cleanliness in the workplace and perfect order. For this Monica uses special organizers for tools and cosmetics. She also does not forget to handle tools regularly and accomplish mini-cleaning after each client. Monica is a very responsible and punctual employee. She will support the conversation with pleasure. Professions of a psychologist and a hairdresser are not compared by chance.

Hairdresser Monica has many directions. Each direction requires specific abilities and the availability of the necessary tools. In particular, it is:

  • Haircut – work with hair of any length and complexity, individually for each client we select the ideal variant of a hairstyle, we do all kinds of model man and female hairstyles;
  • Coloration – includes the ability to dye your hair in any color;
  • Styling – giving the hair volume and a beautiful appearance;
  • Creating hairstyles – create solemn and wedding hairstyles for any length of hair, as well as laying, braids and weaving, regardless of the difficulty level;
  • Children’s haircut;
  • Head massage;
  • Hair treatment;
  • Laminating, hair straightening;
  • Hair extension;
  • Braiding of braids, the creation of dread, etc.
  • Consultations on hair care – we give competent recommendations for self-styling and care of hair.

It is believed that the profession of hairdresser universal includes the possession of all of the above techniques. However, as a rule, it is very difficult for a master to spray himself on all kinds of services and improve all skills at the same time, so Monica tries to achieve a high level of professional skill in several categories. Monica increases his skill level. Accordingly, the more a specialist knows, the more she is in demand. The most important thing is a constant practice. Monica found her calling. It gives beauty to others, so Monica never remains without customers.

The technology of hairdressing services is a whole art, the fruits of which are amazing images. A professional hairdresser is constantly growing, improving his skills and ability, attending competitions, training and coaching. Really good hairdressers will always advise his client what adjustments are needed in its appearance, how it can hide flaws and emphasize the advantages with the help of a competently chosen colour or haircut. Monica can successfully perform these actions. Let her make you a hair and you will see for yourself.

Barbra Walsh- Stylist

Great style, great color and uniquely you. Barbra loves working with her clients to ahcieve a georgous look all your own. She listens to her clients and help them to achieve the style & color that is perfect for their type of hair and genre that best suits them!